Faculty of Political Science

Faculty of Political Science

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The Faculty of Political Science is one of the three faculties established after the closure of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences in 2012.

The Faculty of Political Science is located at Anadoluhisarı Campus of the university alongside of the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul – one of the most beautiful spots of the world. The campus provides a lot of advantages for the students. In addition to its quality and specialized library, the faculty students have access to a variety of important facilities like the students’ dormitories, extensive sports infrastructure, recreation areas and various social facilities. Additionally, the Anadoluhisarı Campus will be the first and only “entire handicapped-friendly campus” in Turkey thanks to a project in implementation in cooperation with İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Handicapped.

The two already functional departments of the Faculty, the Department of Political Science and International Relations (in English) and the Department of Public Administration (in French) have 30 years of history in their disciplines. Thanks to the decision taken by the Higher Education Council on May 3, 2012, the number of the departments of the faculty increased into four with the establishment of the sister departments, the mediums of education of which are Turkish. Additionally, the procedure for the establishment of the Department of Local Governments has been completed making it the fifth department of the Faculty.


The education at the faculty is carried out by a total of 51 academics including eight professors, eight associate professors, seven assistant professors, six lecturers and 22 research assistants. The total number of Bachelor of Arts students is 475 at the Department of Political Science and International Relations (in English), and 448 at the Department of Public Administration (in French). In addition to these, there are 335 graduate students enrolled, 249 of which are Master of Arts and 86 of them are doctoral students in five disciplines related with the faculty. Hence, the cumulative number of students in the faculty reaches to 1,258. The admission of students to the Departments of Political Science and International Relations, and Public Administration, the mediums of which are Turkish, took place during the 2014-2015 academic year.

There are also two research centers functioning in close collaboration with the departments of the faculty. These are Marmara University Research Center for Urban Issues and Local Governments, and Marmara University Research Center for International Relations.

Although the faculty has been recently established, it is aimed to have its say in the academic milieu of the country. Within this objective, a bi-annual peer-reviewed academic journal titled “Marmara Üniversitesi Siyasal Bilimler Dergisi (Marmara University Journal of Political Sciences)” is being published. Additionally, the fourth edition of a bi-annual newsletter titled “Siyasal Bülteni (Faculty of Political Science Bulletin)” had already been published in Fall 2013.

In terms of the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme, the faculty achieves the largest student exchange at Marmara University with almost 60 incoming and 55 outgoing students each year. Additionally, four student clubs carry out their activities by designing meetings, panels, symposia and student excursions.


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