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Faculty of Political Science

Dean's Message


Extending back both into the Hamidiye College of Higher Commercial Education with deep-rooted traditions stretching over a century and to the 60-year history of Şişli School of Political Science, our faculty has taken its place as a great asset and ambitious institution in academic life.  

Education has been started to be offered by the Faculty of Political Science with two departments - Political Science and International Relations Department with the education language of English and Public Administration Department with the education language of French. The approval for the establishment of Departments of Political Science and International Relations and of Public Administration, both with education language of Turkish, has been granted by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and the approval is still to be obtained for Department of Local Government with with education language of Turkish.   

Currently operating in Anadoluhisarı Campus, faculty has been about to complete soon the institutionalization process. We aim to publish newsletter twice a year beginning in June 2012 as well as  peer-reviewed scientific journal twice a year beginning in March 2013.

The faculty will be an active supporter of symposiums and conferences on public administration, international relations, political science and local government to be organized in our country.

It is our purpose to incorporate the Urban and Local Government Library into our Faculty, that was established by the Union of Municipalities of Marmara and with currently approximately 20 thousand volumes of material, in 2013 and to possess a library of 30 thousand volumes of materials.

One of our ambitious and achievable plans is to utilize national and international funding sources in the most effective way through creating project working groups, those especially of the European Union and of Istanbul Development Agency, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK ) and State Planning Organization (DPT),

We will spend intensive effort to develop multilateral cooperation networks with local authorities, central government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private sector organizations, professional associations and international organizations.

We will not struggle to get a greater share from University's budget, on the contrary we approach with the attitude that we are going to make every effort to provide sources for and reinforce the image of the university by theoretical and applied scientific studies, ultimately adding value to the community.

I thank sincerely for the support shown and all the help given during and after the process of establishment, particularly those who give generous support; Minister of National Education Prof. Ömer Dinçer, Rector Prof. Zafer Gül and academic and administrative staff of our university.


Prof. Recep BOZLAĞAN


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