Course Selection and Registration Advisors

Course Selection and Registration Advisors monitor the student throughout their education and make suggestions to the student about the courses that the student will follow in each semester / year and the changes to be made related to them. Students organize their courses with their advisors during the registration or renewal of the semester / year and the courses are not finalized unless approved by the advisor.

Career Planning Advisors

Career Planning Advisors provide information and guidance to students about their career life and post-graduate career planning and development. The right career planning aims to get the person ready for working life by processing his knowledge, skills and experiences. An effective career planning, fed by personalized directions in the university life, helps the student to embark on a career path that suits his personal characteristics, as well as discovering areas with his own potential. In order for students to take a leading role in their careers, they need to know themselves, their professions and the business world. Career Planning Advisors guide students through this recognition phase by introducing the necessary tools and guiding them.

Political Science and Public Administration (%30 English) (French)

Political Science and International Relations

International Relations (%30 English)

Local Governments

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