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Mission, Vision and Values ​​of the Faculty of Political Sciences

Our Mission

In the light of science; To raise individuals who question, research, produce, and offer what they produce for the benefit of humanity.

Our vision

To be a libertarian, respectful of ethical values ​​and a leading faculty in education and research.

Our Institutional Values

Free thought







Institutional Identity of the Faculty of Political Sciences

The re-establishment of Marmara University Faculty of Political Sciences after thirty years required the institutional identity of the faculty to be defined in accordance with the conditions of the day. The institutional identity, which was prepared after an intensive study of about two months, is based on the ideas of “freedom of thought” and “stance against all kinds of discrimination” on which the concept of “university” is based. In addition to these, universal values ​​and dynamism, the reference source of academic thinking, are the other elements of Marmara University's deep-rooted history, traditions and intitutional identity.

A logo has been designed for the Faculty of Political Sciences, on the one hand, which embraces the values ​​fed by Şişli School of Political Sciences over sixty years and the rooted tradition of the Hamidiye School of Commerce over a hundred years, on the other hand, in line with the spirit and expectations of the age.

Conceptual Highlights in the Logo

Symbol of Freedom and Peace Including Dolphins: The two figures in the logo are abstract designs symbolizing dolphins. Dolphins are symbolic creatures that have been the expression of freedom and peace in world cultures. One of the dolphins comes out of the sea and the other dives into the sea. While the dolphin coming out of the sea symbolizes the determination of “reaching scientific reality”, the dolphin diving into the sea symbolizes “scientific curiosity and questioning”.

Highlighting Marmara University as an University Operating Academic on Two Continents: Two dolphin figures in the logo also symbolize the Asian and European continents and Marmara University operating on both continents.

Highlighting the Global Perspective of the Faculty of Political Sciences: The "sphere" figure formed by the combination of dolphins points to the "global" approach that looks at the world as a whole. The letter "s", which appears in the middle of the figure in question, symbolizes the Faculty of Political Sciences.

Using Light and Dark Blue Colors: The dark blue color used in the logo symbolizes both the “Marmara blue” of Marmara University's institutional identity and the color of the Bosphorus, which provides an extraordinary strategic advantage to Istanbul. Thus, on the one hand, the institutional identity of Marmara University was harmonized, and on the other hand, an abstract reference was made to local values. The light blue color symbolizes the clarity of the sky and the eternity of science.

Formal Highlights in the Logo




Contemporary lines

Soft lines font

Compliance with Marmara University's institutional identity

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