Marmara University, Faculty of Political Science: 60 Years’ Experience

The history of Marmara University Faculty of Political Science dates 60 years back. The core of the Faculty, “Şişli Siyasal Bilimler Yüksekokulu (Şişli Political Sciences Academy)”, began to provide education in 1952. The Academy joined to “İstanbul İktisadi ve Ticari İlimler Akademisi (İstanbul Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy)”, the core of Marmara University, in 1979. The Academy then turned into a faculty of Marmara University, which had been established in 1982, and its name was changed as the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences.

Within the objective of adapting to changing conditions, developing its academic activities further and establishing more efficient administrative structure, the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences had been closed by the Council of Ministers on March 23, 2012 by leaving its place to three new faculties. The Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Business Administration are the two other academic institutions established together with the Faculty of Political Science.

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